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Ringwoods Farm Map v 1.1

  • 2015-02-27 19:24
  • Maps

Ringwoods-Farm-Map-v-1.1-1 Ringwoods-Farm-Map-v-1.1-2 Ringwoods-Farm-Map-v-1.1-3

Version 1.1:
– Vehicle Reset fixed
– Vehicles will appear on the main farm in front of the 3 large storage sheds
– Texture warning fixed for the playslide set
– Floating rocks, trees and shrubs fixed at various locations
– Map Icons are now fixed and in the right places
– Huge new western full boundary forestry trail which joins onto the full southern trail, the new area is also designed so that Semi forestry trucks and logging trailers can access the woods but loading can be tight although there is a clearing about half way in
– New Saw mill and sell trigger in field 19 forestry. Brand new Northwestern Saw mill and Biomass center at the top of the hill with trail access. New farm silo’s at each farm
– Grain elevator from map 1 retextured and used at the rail yard sell point. 100’s of new trees preplanted. Tree clip distance adjusted for performance, LOD remains the same at the moment
– PDA Map is updated

Authors: Giants, Stevie


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