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PGR – Perelka v 1.1

  • 2016-04-13 18:19
  • Maps

PGR---Perelka-1 PGR---Perelka-3 PGR---Perelka-2

– One holding
– Cows and everything associated with them
– To buy fields
– Purchase of crop
– Purchase bel
– Watering with water cows
– Water can be fooled by the river
– One field at the start
– The machine to start
– Fertilizers, lime seeds
– Mod manure, liquid manure, lime
– Mod chopped
– In the maps, it was not possible to plow the shreds on this can be
– An interesting area
– Dirt roads
– One meadow to start, the rest to buy
– Acting manure and slurry
– New textures
– Reset machines
– The super silo
– Loading grain turem
– Traffic

Author: DaRecky

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