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Old Hagenstedt with Forest v 1.7

  • 2015-03-06 21:27
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Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forest-v-1.7-1 Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forest-v-1.7-2 Old-Hagenstedt-with-Forest-v-1.7-3

– This Map is Forstmod ready.
– The forest farm can be found near the land trade, it was a road from the retailer to the forest farm added
– Important you need the forest mod, only the buildings and accessories are loaded
– At the garden center, you can now dung, manure, grass, potatoes and sugar beets sale
– The horse pasture may be equal to mow the grass can you on the horse Sell or in the yard to feed storage drive
– In the courtyard there is a small farmer’s market for selling the eggs
– There is also a fire station is right at the entrance so a good position to be quick on site
– The roller doors of the fire station can be opened from the inside (press O), the doors from the inside and the outside
– At the station there is a hydrant refueling the fire trucks
– The unloading of the Hofsilos was replaced by a new one
– In the courtyard is a pig and a butcher in the village with outlet for pigs, the pigs you do not need in this version to buy
– A road to the station has been added
– At the BGA there is now a sugar factory in the village and you will find an Aral petrol station and Edeka market for sale of potatoes
– At the cow pasture, a farm was built with feed storage silos and mixing station Manure pumping plant
– PDA extension for the levels of the food bearing added
– In recent versions, there was little for the fire department, the new sound of a siren is there is now every 30 minutes an alarm
– Added the fire brigade decoration can assist you with your vehicle, accident and fire in an old barn
– At the dairy now a car wash was built

Version 1.7:
– New roads and terrain texture

Author: LS 2013 GV


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    This release is stopped to upload this map, please delete.

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