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Michelhausen v 1.0 BETA

  • 2015-02-09 20:14
  • Maps

Michelhausen-v-1.0-BETA-1 Michelhausen-v-1.0-BETA-2 Michelhausen-v-1.0-BETA-3

– On the Map you can also run forestry addition to agriculture
– There is a large central courtyard with dairy cattle, biogas, silos, grain storage, ball bearings and machine shops
– In addition sawmill chips and several camps, there are still a biomass heating plant
– Machinery dealer with machine Shops for your equipment and machinery
– Biogas plant with several silos
– Port with Billinger country trade and grain storage for potatoes and sugarbeets
– Werner grain trade in machinery dealer
– Garden center with bales of straw and sale
– Sheep yard with silos
– Piggeries in the main courtyard
– 63 fields
– 16 meadows
– 4 forest land for forestry



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