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Melbury Estate

  • 2015-09-05 10:57
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Melbury-Estate-1 Melbury-Estate-2 Melbury-Estate-3

Welcome to Melbury Estate, you have brought this estate and it has been handed over half way through harvest so you must bring in the planted crops to bring in an income.
This Map has pig/beef fattening and compost mod. Your produce is sold at the local pub and there is a local BGA plant where you can turn silage into manure for the fields, collect water at the river and use the compost plant for neutrients. Feed your animals with the right foods to increase there productivity and keep your ground topped up with neutrients to get the largest yield.

Author: Tommx55


One Response to Melbury Estate

  1. Logan Maclean

    If Tommx55 sees this can you put a cereal (Wheat, Barley e.c.t) sell point in this map. I love this map but i need somewhere to sell my produce to make my time worth while, apart from this problem this is an amazing map and i hope you make many more just like it.

    If someone could sent a link to Tommx55 (By E-mail, Facebook, twitter e.c.t) that would be great

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