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Map of Kuray Village v 2.1

  • 2015-09-22 11:17
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Kuray-Village-1 Kuray-Village-2

Before you the expanses of Siberia, the village of Kurai, Dzerzhinsky district, Krasnoyarsk territory. You are waiting for the high mountains, wide field and long miles. Map made by real countryside of this corner of the earth where I spent all my childhood. Therefore, in every hole and blade of grass invested my love and soul. I very much hope that you immerse yourself in this rustic atmosphere and have a great time on this map. On the map there are standard culture and sunflower, rye and oats! Be prepared for the transport of fish, flour, bread boards and vodka! But keep in mind that the stores are not rubber! And of course don’t forget about the livestock! On the map there are standard types of animals.

Version 2.1:
– Replaced the stele
– Fixed trigger unloading the grain threshing floor (added rapeseed, sunflower, corn)
– Reduced prices for Silage and Boards

Author: Alexei Dorofeev


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