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Iberian Southlan v 1.75

  • 2015-05-28 09:52
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Iberian Southlan-2 Iberian Southlan-3 Iberian Southlan-1

Version 1.75:
– Added loader Wagons Bergmann HTW65 MS
– Added implements EasyFlow 300 MS
– Added tomato and cucumber to shovel (frontloader and wheelLoader)
– Change dinkel (DE) to spelt (EN) in triggers, sell points, tippers
– Change texture fillplane for tomato and cucumber
– Fix bug with conveyor belt tomato and cucumber in farm
– Added new particle for fruit no originals
– Fix sprayer and fertilizer Spreaders for soil mod
– Added kalk to manure Spreaders
– Changed script for multifruit
– Solved problem with straw oat, rye and spelt (now you can sell)
– Added oat, rye and spelt windrow in cow, pigs, beef, lamb and chicken2
– You can use oat, rye and spelt windrow for produce compost soil
– New way farm to cowzone
– Fix problem with map buyable objects
– Change forest zone near field 62 to Silo Group zone
– Short grass for all map, in the field disappears when you plough it
– Added weighbridge in BGA, Silo Group, Port and freight Yard
– All vehicle accept all crops with new
– Two version, GMK for soil mod, chopped straw and guellemist mod & other with nothing or chopped straw and guellemist mod
– GMK Version only original crops and tomato, cucumber
– Added GMK version fabric for sugar

Author: Vanquish081


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