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Forklifts Mods Pack v 1.0 by vydka

Forklifts Mods Pack v 1.0 by vydka-1 Forklifts Mods Pack v 1.0 by vydka-3 Forklifts Mods Pack v 1.0 by vydka-2

The Pack consist of:

Toyota Forklift with:
– Hightip Shovel
– Palet Fork
– Bale Fork
– Bale Grab
– 1000 kg Weight

Caterpillar Forklift with:
– Two Pallet Forks

Komatsu EX 50 Forklift with:
– Long Fork

Clark C80 Forklift with:
– Clark Shovel

Linde H25 D Forklift with:
– Load Pack


Caterpillar: Giants, Zippo, Serge44
Komatsu EX 50: MasterXerion, DesertKnuckles, Mumu_Oma
Clark C80: s4t4n, Softfox
Linde H25 D: modall

Pack Author: vydka

DOWNLOAD 77 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 77 MB [Sharemods]

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