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Forestry Pack v 3.0


Version 3.0:

Liebherr T650 Feller Buncher:
– New Model + Color
– Fixed Particle system cuts
– Made cut node more accurate
– Fixed Track Weight Issues
– General Balance and control tweaks

Liebherr T200 Butt N Top Loader:
– Smaller Longer Tracks (better Stability)
– Improved Grapple Grip
– Fixed Right track rear issues when climbing hills
– Better turning
– General Balance Fixes

T220L Grapple Loader
– Fixed Grapple more rounded claws picks up logs way better
– Improved Grapple Look
– Smaller Tracks, Better Balance
– Better Collision walls on head
– Darker Color
– General Control Tweaks

– T650 Processor With Woodcracker Head
– T200 Knuckle Boom Loader

Authors: First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil


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