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Euro Agrar v 0.98.8

  • 2015-02-20 09:47
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Euro-Agrar-v-0.98.8-1 Euro-Agrar-v-0.98.8-3 Euro-Agrar-v-0.98.8-2

– Cow & Sheep directly on the Farm (Water mod installed)
– On the sheepfold Wool Pallete Collector was installed
– Bearing on the farm with conveyor belts (signs light up at night)
– Yard is fully fenced
– Mixing station installed at the court
– Water pump with 25000 liters capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
– Large hall with workshop
– Pig farm with compound feed stock, intermediate water storage and ball bearings
– Outlets for pigs
– Edeka Markt
– Dealer was rebuilt
– Gas station next to the dealer
– DTP country trade against heat and power plant
– Installed unloading help the sawmill

Version 0.98.8:
– Offset mixing station up to the fence of cow pasture
– Loading ramp away
– Floodlights at the Hof
– New garden center (Garden Center Shop & Store Place on land trade Billinger again added to the garden center)
– Fields planted on the farm from game start
– Field 23 adjusts
– Built straw power plant
– Altered forest road in the north of the yard down to the dairy
– Trigger compound feed stock reduced to the Pig Farm something
– Marks the trigger when water tank on the Pig Farm

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