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Deutz Fahr 9340 v 1.1


Version 1.1:
* Add Movable axis
* Add Mobile booths
* Add Movable seat
* Amendments model of the mask
* Amendments model fenders
* Amendments model tanks
* Adding cushions between the chassis and cab
* Removing the camera script
* Changing the wheels
* Adding lighting on the joystick
* Improving indoor camera
* Addition of mipmaps at textures
* Adding visual elements
* Amendment hydraulics
* Improving degrees turn the steering wheel
* Improving the model sinker
* Changing the exhaust and filter
* Improvement scale
* Improving driving physics
* Improved the center of mass
* Increased speed to 52 km / h
* Increased fuel economy
* Changing the dirty

Authors: Giants, Marlin 3D, SIID, STv-Modding, Turbo, Pawulon


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