We thinking, that this category is most important for FS 15 game. Farm without tractor, is not a farm. Download favorite tractor from here! Here you will find from old (retro) to modern and powerful tractor for Farming Simulator 2015 game.

MTZ 82 v 1.0

– The drive shafts
– The fan in the engine are in working condition
– You can open the hood
– By the way the hood is not transparent from the inside
– Doors also open
– Live tidy
– Digital speedometer
– Animation of the farmer both outside the cabin and inside
– The light turns on Read & DOWNLOAD >>

T-150K v 1.0

– The doors open
– Animated Cardans
– Rear hinge adjustable mouse
– Working light Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Belarus 82 v 1.0

Hi, this is MTZ 82 mode. It has a player triggers with which you can open the left and right doors and hood.
You can also, when you enter this tractor to open the windows (left, right and rear) using the space button function.
The lights work, but you must turn on the headlights using the numpad8. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Steyr Terrus CVT 6270 v 1.0

The tractor moved from LS17 to LS15

Mod Has:
– IC panel
– Opened left door, rear window, roof
– Mobile Joystick
– Lighting in the cabin
– Left door opened to approach
– The front is automatically assembled after unhitching the tool
– Moving forward about?
– Selectable
– Washable Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Zetor 8111 v 1.0

In the package are 2 older Czech production tractors. Models 8111 They have only rear-wheel drive and dirt skin. Next to this tractors have a good script with many features and animations!
This time I will not write about them but everyone shoulderstand test this tractor. It is ideal for a small farm. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Fortschritt ZT 403 v 1.0

– IC control the doors and the roof (large button)
– Animated mirror
– Animated Pointer
– Driving characteristics are adapted to the original equipment.
– Sorry, no pollution, since I do not have the program for it and I did not strip.
– PS Original 90/100
– Speed ??Original 32 CBB with pump rotation 43 kph (I was a bit too slow)
– Weight ca 4900 kg Read & DOWNLOAD >>

JCB 8310 v 1.0

– Animated parts
– Speed display
– IC Control
– Open door, window
– Speed display
– Wheeltracks
– Mirrors
– Wheel dust
– No Errors or Warnings Read & DOWNLOAD >>