If you want renew game environment details, download textures/skins for map objects, tractors, combines, grass, wheats etc

New Soil Textures and Colours


Each set has a different aspect, three different colours and one with a more contrasting soil types.
The soild colours are red, very like the red soils of Devonshire.
Yellow Like a clay type soil.
Brown, the standard soil colour.
High contrast brown, a variation that is more like the default.
These textures are intended primarily for map makers, to lend variety to their maps. But installing them into a map is not too difficult if you are competent at simple xml editing and moving files.

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Sunflower Textures v 1.1


New harvest maturity Sunflower Textures

Author: Westernmann

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New Grass Texture v 1.0


Pack includes a new terrain – grass_diffuse and texture of the grass, cut grass and hay

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New Holland Wheel Textures v 1.0

New Holland Wheel Textures

Since New Holland and Case are made in the same factory, it’s no surprise that a lot of us are using Rafa’s awesome Case rowcrop wheels on New Holland Tractors.
However, for the purpose of accuracy, the colors of New Holland wheels are different than those on a Case.

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New Sky (8K UHD) v 1.0

New Sky

New Sky Texture

Path to the Sky folder:
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Farming Simulator 2013 \ data \ sky

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Fendt 936 Textures V1.0 Green


This is just a texture!
You just look for the Fendt 936!
And copied the folder dirt out!
You have to unpack!
The mod can under original link appears on other sites on the DL!

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Sunflowers Textures v 1.0


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These textures replace the sunflower textures on modmaps. Every growth stage is now based on the previous one, the viewing range has been increased significantly.
The texture isn’t necessarily “nicer”, but since we play with increased viewing range we have rebuild it and therefore why not share it here.
Note: the modmap must have sunflowers integrated already.

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