This category have few subcategories, where you will find machinery, tools, maps and other mods for forestry fans.

K-700A Kirovec 8×8 v 1.0


– Working Light
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels

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Camox F175 4WD


– Front and back Chains
– Light
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels

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Tigercat 635D Clawbunk


– Power 215 hp
– Light
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels

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Camox F175 6WD v 1.0


The Camox F175 6wd to the benefits of a classic skidder with those of a machine 6 wheels. Its special compact construction with steering angle and important twist provides optimum maneuverability and accessibility. With 6 wheels and an unmatched drive concept 6wd the F175 offers good sensations, is efficient and preserves the soil and terrain.

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Kamaz 44118 Forest v 1.0 Multicolor


– Power 240 hp
– Speed 79 km/h
– Lighting
– Working instrument panel and mirrors
– Animation farmers hands
– Animation cardan and mudguards
– Choice of Color
– Tow Hitch
– Auto selection
– Auto discharge
– Washable
– Dust from the Wheels
– Traces of Wheels

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The Monster Chipser v 2.0


– Complete installed belgium (indicators, brake light, normal headlights and reversing light)
– Fully Washable
– New tires mounted with tires labeling
– Any two axles steer
– Automatic Tree trunk or piece of wood collection improved
– Installed indicator

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LP19B3 v 1.0


– Degree gauges for all rotating parts
– Added custom MPH and Tach
– Radio and CB have new higher resolution textures with off, on and lighted modes
– Clock that shows in game time
– Custom light indicators
– Engine compartment has been made with sort of 3d look
– Added a rotating fan in the engine compartment with the engine running
– Most of interior had textures changed and doubled the resolution from original
– Track texture changed and can see thru parts of it
– Added beacons to cab and lights to cutter head
– Added more detail to body, ladder, hand grabs, battery box etc.
– Everything gets dirty, even the rotating fan, keep your equipment clean
– Removed beleuchtungV31.lua. Had problems with beacons staying on when leaving cab
– Only added one script for the rotating fan

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