Logging trailer – it’s special trailer for trees. In these trailers can loading big logs.

Jenz Hem 583


Jenz Hem 583 new Model Parts and Texture
Better working conditions Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Timber Trailer


Big Timber Trailer for your forestry work

Author: Mindis56 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Pitts LT40 v 1.1


Version 1.1:
* Adjusted support feet
* Adjusted racks to allow full size loader to go between them
* Textured lights
* Adjusted mud flaps Read & DOWNLOAD >>

US Log Trailer v 1.0

US Log Trailer

US Log Trailer converted from LS 2013 mod

Authors: oxtar, bmxryder711 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

MTZ 82 + Timber Trailer

MTZ-82-1 MTZ-82-2

– MTZ 82 Forest Tractor
– Light
– Dust from the wheels
– Traces of wheels
– Trailer manipulator for timber transportation
– Animation Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Heavy Duty Wood Chippers Trailer v 1.0

Wood Chippers Trailer

This is a wood chipper on a trailer with a small bunker and transfer belt.
The bunker acts here merely as a buffer so that you do not work has to stop when the trailer is full.
Therefore, the bunker also has only a capacity of 10000 liters.
The model was actually designed as a mobile mixing station but since we lacked a scripter, he was unceremoniously turned into a shredder.
The trailer has 4 axes of which the first 2 and the last are steered.
Below the total 8 chopper rolls there is a floor conveyor which transported the shredded material to the blower device. From there, the chips end up in the bunker.
Overloading is implemented via a conveyor belt, which is located at the front left bunker.
The chopper operates completely autonomously, ie there must be no vehicle attached. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

LogOn Logging Trailer v 1.0

LogOn Logging Trailer

– The logs loaded on it in the screens were cut to 15 meters so the trailer could probably handle a little bit longer lengths but 15 meters is the recommended
– Extra, invisible stakes in the areas indicated by the chains for better load holding
– Other decorative chains here and there
– The collision along the spine drops down to the height of the lower space frame in the center of the trailer which allows for easy grabbing of loaded logs
– Under 12000 polys total (including the wheels which are over 5000 by themselves)
– Gets dirty
– The whole thing is basically made out of hydraulic rams and uses the tires texture for everything but the lights, chains and decals
– Any colour you want as long as you want black.
– Lights
– Soft soil support bar adds
– Dust and traces
– Wheel chocks cause you’d never be able to find a chunk of wood around a logging camp Read & DOWNLOAD >>