Forestry tractors – it’s special tractor for forest activities. These tractors have bigger wheels, some protection from trees and powerful engines.

Ponsse Bear 8W


– Rot cutter
– Front turn wheels
– Fixed tire track
– No rot seat
– Power 462 hp Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ponse Scorpion King v 1.1 Revised


Edit the Ponse Scorpion in a new way the head has complete horizontal funtion now as well as the cab having auto leveling. It comes in rental and purchase version. Now you can cut logs on your landing after dragging them in to 35 meters in steps comfortable to work with Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ponsse Bear 6W


– Rot seat every position (up, down, right, left)
– Rot cutterhad
– More power go up the hill
– New arm set
– Still use the drivig side funcions
– Power 462 hp Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Bergziege Prototyp II Pack v 1.0

Bergziege-Prototyp-II-Pack-v-1.0-1 Bergziege-Prototyp-II-Pack-v-1.0-2

The Pack consist of:
– Bergziege Prototyp II 12.300: Power 300 hp
– Bergziege Prototyp II 14.420: Power 420 hp
– Bergziege Prototyp II 16.540: Power 540 hp
– Bergziege Prototyp II 18.660: Power 660 hp
– Mammut HLP 240 Frontloader
– Mammut Log Fork Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Valtra Valmet 6600 Forest Edition


– Washable
– Indoor hud
– Interactive control
– Interactive windows
– Reverse driving
– Wood harvester Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ponsse Rental Pack v 2.0


They have the patch 1.2 fixes. They have been tuned to better perform on The Great Smokey Mountain map. This means they will climb the steeper hills to get to those stubborn trees. The rear wheels on the buffalo have been moved farther back to help smooth the ride a little. Thanks to your local dealership you can now rent a machine for $500 and pay $1,000 a day for rental. If returned the same day you will only pay $250 for the use. They now come to you in Forest Green. These are MP ready since only the skin and engine torque have been changed. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ponsee Wolverine v 1.0


– Power 462 hp
– Speed 25 km/h
– Electronic speedometer
– Electronic tachometer
– Indicators
– Camera boom and head
– Changing the length of the cut
– The color selection drives
– Removed the chain and front fenders
– Traces of dust Read & DOWNLOAD >>