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Lemken Solitair 10CL Seed Container v 1.0


– Capacity 7500 liters
– Seed Hoppers for Xerion SaddleTrac 3800
– Filling function for the drill and the Maisdrille
– Fill Plane
– Animated hydraulic hoses and cables
– Animated filling tube Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Holaras Silage Shield v 1.0


– Working width 5.3 meters
– Fully animated hydraulic hoses and cables Read & DOWNLOAD >>

3-point Skips Goweil v 1.0

Goweil-1 Goweil-2

Can carry all kinds of crops with the bucket function but so your Bales and accesories.
Capacity 6000 liters
Fruit Types: grass_windrow, chaff, wheat, rape, maize, barley, potato, sugarbeet, manure, fertilizer, seeds, silage, forage, forage_mixing, lime, woodchips Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Quader Bale Tongs v 1.2

Bale-Tongs-1 Bale-Tongs-2

You can move with the right mouse button to frontguard with the X button you can fixate the bale.
It can all square bales are the added based on the standard and fixed. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Siloking DA 2300 v 2.0


Version 2.0:
* Fixed scrollers that turned the wrong way when emptied to the right
* Fixed bug when reset the siloking (2nd that appears)
* We can now make mixed forage, the bales having too much capacity in farming, we recommend you to first fill silage then put a bale
* Fixed straw disappearing
* Fixed attacher for the Massey pack
* Fixed shining flexible Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Slurry Agitator Pack


This mod is modeled on the Major Ag 7500 Slurry Agitator, the pack contains the original Major agitator as well as Abbey, Conor, NC and Redrock decal versions. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Silage Cutter v 4.0


The Cutter corn mill silage, Chaff, manure, hay, grass, straw and woodchips mixed feed.
Change color
Dirt / Washable Read & DOWNLOAD >>