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Bandrechen Molon v 1.0

Bandrechen Molon

Bandrechen Molon Windrower
Working width 3 meters Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Poettinger Top v 1.0


Poettinger Top Windrower
Working width 4.5 meters Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Swadro 1400 Plus v 1.0

Krone-Swadro-1400-Plus-v-1.0-1 Krone-Swadro-1400-Plus-v-1.0-2

Is a re-skin of originals Pottinger Top 1252 swather.
This Krone Swadro 1400 Plus is hevorragent for windrowing: grass, hay or straw.
It impresses with its reliability and sturdiness. As a result, the operating costs are reduced noticeably. Thus, the first higher acquisition costs are quickly back inside.
Working width 12.5 meters Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Ursus Z554 v 1.0


Ursus Z554 Rake
Working width 3.5 meters

Author: Wirtfabs Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone KWT 2000 v 1.0


Krone KWT 2000 Tedder with 12 roundabouts it’s perfect for tedding large areas Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Poettinger Hit 12.14T Tedder v 1.2 FINAL

Poettinger-Hit-12.14-T-Tedder-v-1.2-FINAL-1 Poettinger-Hit-12.14-T-Tedder-v-1.2-FINAL-2

– Working width 13 meters
– HDR body texture
– Dyeable Wheels
– 20 km/h operating speed and after many hours of tweaking this behaves itself, doesn’t skate around and the arms stay down
– Washable
– Multiplayer Read & DOWNLOAD >>