In this category you can find various buildings, map objects and other placeable parts for maps.

Yard Gates v 0.2


Must be inserted with GE.

Version 0.2:
* Other Textures inserted Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Seed Production v 1.0


Seed Production Building for installation with the Giants Editor
Delivery Cereals, Fertilizer and Diesel Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Packing Plant v 1.0


Delivery of Woodchips and Water Diesel
Installation with the Giants Editor Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Silo Kit v 1.0


Silo Kit must be installed with Giants Editor

Author: Freak5 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Age Shelter v 0.3


Age Shelter must be built with Giants Editor

Author: arii Read & DOWNLOAD >>

BGA Scale v 1.0


BGA Scale must be installed by Giants Editor

Author: Maschinenring Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Scale House with Light v 1.0


Scale House with Light must be installed by Giants Editor
Not walkable, but the light turns on in the evening Read & DOWNLOAD >>