In this category you can find various buildings, map objects and other placeable parts for maps.

Objects Pack v 1.1

Objects Pack for Farming Simulator 2015:
– 4 Excavators
– Pipes
– Characters
– Workers
– Shovels
– Wheel Barrows
– Buildings for construction (containers)

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Placeable Weight Station for Wood Logs v 1.0

This Weight Station shows you weight of wood logs, woodchips, wooden boardpallets, other pallets and other fruit.

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Placeable Cotton Module v 1.0

Cotton Module for FS15, this is placeable but no function. Treat as Placeable objects.
Cotton Module for your map this is only a Decoration it has no function.

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Cotton Module v 1.0

Moveable Cotton Module



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Pavillon N°1 ECH1/1


Mod à placer dans une map pour modder

Model: Perso (JLP75)
Texture:Perso (JLP75)
Concept: Perso (JLP75)

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Mixed Ration v 3.0


Station for mixing or Mixed Feed Ration is a mod for Farming Simulator 15. With the mixing station power can be made to the cows in larger quantities and with a feed mixer, feed conversion, as it may fill them with loads completely. The three storage silos should be filled with silage, hay and straw (50t, depending), then it is 10t per hour compound feed produced by the mixing tank. The mixing container keeps 100t compound feed and can be collected with a trailer and taken to feed the cows. The silos have three analog level indicators, in addition to the exact levels are displayed in the control panel in the help text.

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Mixing Station v 3.0


You can use this mixing station as a feed mixer in a large quantities, for cows and more.
The silos have 3 analog level indicators, in addition the exact levels will be displayed in the control cabinet in the help text.

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