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Best Pack to Silage & Biogas

Best-Pack-to-Silage-&-Biogas-1 Best-Pack-to-Silage-&-Biogas-2 Best-Pack-to-Silage-&-Biogas-4 Best-Pack-to-Silage-&-Biogas-3

The Pack consists of:
– Krone Bix X 1100 Harvester
– Krone Easy Collect 1053 Header
– Horsch Titan 44UW DW Trailer
– Volvo FH 10×10 Truck
– Cat Semitrailer
– Kirovets K-701 AP Tractor

Authors: Giants, Paradox Agi, SFM-Modding, BM-modding, Erlan10, satalit368, werik, Alexey Celsius, makc1998, makc1998


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