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Baerenfeld v 1.1

  • 2015-08-11 08:09
  • Maps


– Large flat Map with Fields, Forests and Meadows
– The main focus of the Map is in the grain production
– To start the game the ordered field to harvest
– Forestry can of course also operate.
– The streets are of Allee – trees Edged
– Animal Production
– There are in addition to chickens, sheep and cows, the pig and broiler available
– Included cattle trade and the broiler
– In the BGA can almost all fruit, including the straw

Author: Eurer Fritz 55


One Response to Baerenfeld v 1.1

  1. MSP

    the doors from the chicken house thing ( don’t know how it calls in English ) dont open , does it need a mod to open them or what ? is really annoying

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