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Animation Map Trigger v 1.0.4


This mod extend the functionality of maps and wont do anything if the map your using haven’t been prepared for this mod.
This is not the same mod but an complete rewrite of it that share the simplicity on setting objects up for it.

– Play animation
– Custom sound on animation
– Custom huds
– Player and vehicle controlled
– Reverse animation button (only available with isPressed option)
– Loop animation
– Activate / Deactivate times

Version 1.0.4:
* Close delay, on auto close door attribute name is “closeDelayTimer” and is set in seconds
* Using loop without inputkey will activate animation by default
* Player will trigger animation when set to “AUTO”, upon enter

Author: Xentro


2 Responses to Animation Map Trigger v 1.0.4

  1. Andy

    So can i just replace the old version of the mod and the map will work fine? Because the map I am currently using is very old and it uses a lot of doors and animations like that.

  2. Théo

    j aimerais télécharger ce mod

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