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American Farmland v 0.4

  • 2015-05-09 11:26
  • Maps

American Farmland-1 American Farmland-2 American Farmland-3

Version 0.4:
– Straw sales for loose straw added to the horse pasture eggs are now all in one place and not fly in the air
– Warning removed
– Cows no longer run through the trough
– Farmerhaus renewed and beautified dung conveyor belt is running now
– Double digital display removed leg straw

Author: Luculus


2 Responses to American Farmland v 0.4

  1. Pharmer Phoenix

    V3 had a few glitches that I was going to mention, now that 4 is out, let me just say that all in all, 3 was a really promising map. However, the signs being in German.. left me kinda confused. I hope you speak better English then I do German.. This looks like a very good map. THANKS!

  2. Pharmer Phoenix

    I love this map… however, the cow pen has no water, the Farm house is tiny, but hopefully these can be worked out

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