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Alpental v 3.0

  • 2015-02-28 19:03
  • Maps

Alpental-v-3.0-1 Alpental-v-3.0-2 Alpental-v-3.0-3

– All trees should be precipitated
– All doors are animated
– Food Storage
– Water Mod
– Standard Fruits
– 2 Meadows
– Pig
– Cattle Fattening
– Seed Master
– Seed Stock
– Manure Storage Mod Pack
– Digital Display
– Cows, Sheep, Chickens
– 2 outlets for fruits
– Biogas plant with 2 silos
– Bio thermal power station for your Chips
– Sawmill
– Forestry (large forest on the northern edge of the Map)
– Dynamic terrain with 256 Angle

Authors: Bodo515, Farmer Andy, Nils23


2 Responses to Alpental v 3.0

  1. Ståle Rise

    Doors not work for me.

  2. Peterbilt 389

    Bei mir arbeiten auch nicht alle Tore und Wood chips kann ich nirgends finden. Tis Map is not prfekt. The best Alpental Map is in LS 2013 version 1.3 von Elmo. all another have all some small Bugs, Elmo we miss you.

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