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Abrecampo Multifruit v 3.0

  • 2015-11-14 11:55
  • Maps

Abrecampo-1 Abrecampo-2 Abrecampo-3

Map has a small farm. You start with some implements and machinery to harvest, modified for the new crops being grown on the map.
Map buyable has 34 courses, all of easy access to you.

On the map you can sow and reap:
* wheat
* Barley
* Canola
* Corn
* Barley
* Potato
* Sugar Beet
* cane
* cotton
* Tomato

Map has 6 type of animal:
* Cows
* Sheep
* Hens to lay eggs
* Chickens for fattening
* Pig
* Beef

Mod thet use map:



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