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Felling 30FT v 1.0


– New Wheels
– Suspension Work
– New Cubmap Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Flatbed Trailer v 1.0


Flatbed Trailer to transport Bales

Author: SHILJA88 Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Large John Deere Stackmover v 1.0

Large-John-Deere-Stackmover Large-John-Deere-Stackmover-2

This is the large John Deere Stackmover. It has a capacity of 20 bales if stacked correctly. All the bales stay loaded on the trailer when game is saved and closed with the trailer loaded. It’s an older bale transport trailer, not many of these are used anymore today but before semi’s and flatbed trailers this is what was used.
Thanks to Farmerboy69 for giving permission to use his wheels Read & DOWNLOAD >>

AW Trailer


AW Bale Trailer

Author: daniel_939


IT Runner Bale Trailer


– 18 Standart Square Bales
– 20 Standart Round Bales
– 8 Wool Pallets
– 4 Wooden Pallets
– 10 Seedling Pallets Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Bale Trailer


Homemade Bale Trailer.
Trailer can be used on small and medium Farms.
Bales can be locked with lock script.
To activate lock script and lock bales press X. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Kverneland BW v 1.0

Kverneland-BW-1 Kverneland-BW-2

Kverneland BW Square Bale Trailer.
Wrapped grass, hay or straw Square Bales with foil so produced by fermentation of silage.
The silage bales can then be sold or fed directly. Read & DOWNLOAD >>