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Seed Container v 1.0


Seed Container for filling seeders
Seeders can be filled while driving
A decouple is not necessary Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Three Point Bale Fork v 1.0


Click to see a video review

This Fork is suitable for the fast ball transport and can quickly grow at the threepoint Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Fork Plus v 1.0


Plus fork is a fork-change between straw bales and silo can be.
Fasten the bale by pressing X.
And you can see the Gable Manuel Change silo or straw bales.
It is washable and multiplayer capability. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Inno Walz 260 v 1.0


Inno Walz 260 Silage Roll
Working width 2 meters
Weight 1800 kg Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Murray Machinery Octa Quad


The Murray Octa Quad System contains 2 bale forks, which are able to carry up to 12 round bales or up to 6 square bales in one step from the field at home. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Framest SH 3500

Framest SH 3500

Framest SH 3500 Silohanger
Working width 4 meters Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Silage Compactor

Silage Compactor

Here is a silage compactor, it is to assist you when comacting silage. Due to it’s 3600lb weight it is recommended to use a tractor of 200 hp or more.
If a smaller tractor is used you will probably need a substantial counter weight. This compactor is washable Read & DOWNLOAD >>