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Lemken Kompaktor S300 v 1.2


– Working width 3 meters
– Washable
– Light
– Particles System
– Rotating Rolls Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Kuhn HR 404


– Working width 4 meters
– Washable
– Multiplayer compatible
– The drill and harrow stand Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Dena Cultivator


Dena VOF is a small company based in Belgium, they are known for their good qualtity cultivators.
The Dena cultivator is fitted with a roller, shear bolt protection, quick hitch cat.2 and has a very robust tubular frame, very caring finish and painted in RAL color. The teeth make topsoil pretty loose and divide the land equally and the role neatly finishes the ground.
Washable. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Laumetris TVLL 8


UAB Laumetris manufactured by the 4 – 8 m. the width of the rollers with spring type segmental ironing board. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Maschio Presto 600 v 1.2


Maschio Presto Semi-Mounted is a disc harrow ad wide working capacity. It can be used on hard to perform minimal processing or to refine the soil after machining primaries. Available widths and raise the working speed ( 12-15 km/h ) make this machine suitable to companies needing to prepare large areas in less time. Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Lemken Heliodor 8/600KA v 1.1


– Working width 6 meters
– New Textures
– New Animation Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Maschio Daino DS v 2.0


This is a small rotary Cultivator, produced by the “Maschio Gaspardo”.
It is equipped with animations including the rotors, the PTO (to be connected, manually), the possibility of. Read & DOWNLOAD >>