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Volkshill v 1.2 Multifruit

  • 2015-03-19 09:41
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Volkshill-v-1.2-Multifruit-1 Volkshill-v-1.2-Multifruit-2 Volkshill-v-1.2-Multifruit-3

Version 1.2:

Added Beet Master 100K:
– This makes from sugar beets or potatoes beet pulp
– They can be fed to the cattle and pig as silage
– Also takes the compost plant beet pulp. Purchase of beet pulp in
– Station and at the depot. The Court takes BGA beet pulp

Slurry manure buying removed:
– Due to the fact that prices dropped to zero after a while. For this reason, the composting facility will now also manure

Display Overview reintegrated:
– Works with small mistakes again with the BGA Extension Mod

– Implemented Wishing Well
– Display grass / hay and silage fixed at the feed store, is now displayed correctly
– Price reduced for compost
– Compost can be used only with the spreader as fertilizer
– Several minor changes

Author: biface


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