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Schleswig Holstein Map v 1.0

  • 2015-10-07 08:20
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Schleswig-Holstein-1 Schleswig-Holstein-2 Schleswig-Holstein-3

– There are a lot of new features added as well as some landed on the dung
– The main courtyard has remained roughly in the middle, there are then also the numerous storage facilities for the vehicles.
– Likewise, the chicken, the original dairy industry, and of course the farm silos
– Seedmaster and the broiler
– Further north is the big pig, just adjacent to the BGA and one of the two Fermenting silos
– Southwest is the large dairy industry (it must be traveled no milk).
– Concrete, gravel pit, large bakery, wind and water mill, 2 Mix station, 2 Drover, refinery, 2 garden centers, 3 butchers, sheep fattening, manure dung Purchase, offloading Station, original wood industry as well as carpentry, Pallet production and of course many outlets

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