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Monchwinkel Map v 0.95

  • 2015-06-12 08:48
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Version 0.95:
– Fixed some UPK Textures
– Manure storage at the yard
– Removed the speedcams
– Fuel storage at the Biogas plant, Milk plant and the LPGS
– Changed starting conditions (field 70 planted with maize, gras and silage handling vehicles)
– Pallet sale at the transport company
– Donate button added

Author: Silenceko


2 Responses to Monchwinkel Map v 0.95

  1. londonerupnorth

    I really love this map but I’m having difficulty collecting hops, I goto the area on the map that says it sells hops but I cant seem to get any. Does anyone know why this is or what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

    Ich liebe diese Karte , aber ich habe Schwierigkeiten Sammeln Hopfen, lese ich die Umgebung auf die Karte , die sagt, es verkauft Hopfen , aber ich kann nicht scheinen, zu einem zu bekommen. WeiƟ jemand, warum dies oder das, was ich falsch mache ? Thanks!

  2. wee-mad-uk

    this map looks awesome but everytime i go near the horse stable the game crashes i have tried time and time again but go near the horse stable and wham game crashes can you bring an update in the game please

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