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Marshall Bale Trailers Pack

Marshall (1) Marshall (3) Marshall (4) Marshall (2)

This pack contains 4 Marshall BC/36 Bale Transport Trailers.

This mod allows you to attach/lock all bales, pallets, and a few other modded items to the trailer with ratchet straps. You can also auto Load/Unload all the above mentioned items.

Whether you want to manually load the bales with a telehandler and then lock/strap them down, or if your in a rush, load them automatically, the choice is yours.

Authors: Giants, HoT online Team, BulletBill83


4 Responses to Marshall Bale Trailers Pack

  1. maffo95

    placed the mod ingame but can’t find it anywhere?

  2. davis

    how can i do to load them automatically?
    i’m not understand.
    however beautiful mod

  3. Terry

    Loads in game, but by pushing the S for help menu doesn’t work at all, so it’s impossible to get the automatic bale loading doesn’t work either, not sure why Mods ain’t fully tested by the Modders first so there are absolutely no errors with it before the release on Mod Sites.

  4. Pausim

    Mod is great,working fine.You have to push 5 (five) for the menu to work.

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