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Lindner Geotrac 94 + Stool Tools Pack Multicolor

Lindner-Geotrac-94-+-Stool-1 Lindner-Geotrac-94-+-Stool-2

Lindner Geotrac 94 Tractor with 10 Stool Tools:
* Stool FZ 30 Frontloader
* Stool Bale Fork
* Stool Bale Grab
* Stool Log Fork
* Stool Manure Fork
* Stool Manure Grab Fork
* Stool Pallet Fork
* Stool Round Bale Fork
* Stool Shovel
* Stool Silage Cutter

– Power 102 hp
– Choice of color (Tractor and Tools)

Author: Giants


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  1. C4

    One meaning of the word “stool” is “human feces” .. seems like a bad choice to call something that. When using a word like “tools” in combination with “stool”, you kinda commited to using english .. making it “human feces tools”, wonder what that is?

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