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Kulen Vakuf v 3.0 FINAL

  • 2015-08-28 09:19
  • Maps

Kulen Vakuf (1) Kulen Vakuf (3) Kulen Vakuf (2)

– Water Mod, Mod manure dung, Chopped Straw, lime mod Multifruit
– Seed, fertilizer, lime factory with storage on the farm
– Mast systems (chickens, pigs, cattle, lamb, cow, lamb,)
– Potato washing system with total forage production, for mast system
– Composting plant
– Concrete plant with Sand Gravel Concrete sale
– Kraftsoff factory with oil factory (only a gas station at the court)
– Milk is not automatically sale
– Forest with a loading station
– Bakery factory with mill produced bread and bakery products
– Sewage treatment plant produces spring water for bakery
– Garden Center
– Sawmill Tow Rivers
– Banhof
– Lidl

Version 3.0:
– Completely revised

Authors: heli007, Rene248, der_kommisar, LS-Andy, GeneralX©, Marhu, Henkie, Nils23, möchtegernbauer, TuneWar, Bergi2001, CSMC team, Higgsterboss7, flo1997, Desperados93, ferbman98, 112TEC|schwaki, Devin


2 Responses to Kulen Vakuf v 3.0 FINAL

  1. Ademir

    Installed, very good map put the washer potatoes with no supplies or fuel with diesel. Other resources (water and potato) ok. Any suggestion??

  2. SquallLion

    this map crash: there are a lot of mistake
    for example, the pedestrians.xml script ask pedestrians. where are they? (man01, etc… models)

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