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John Deere 8370R v 2.0


– Opening door and rear window
– New skin
– Folding front arm
– Animated steering
– Twin Wheels
– Animated fenders
– Moveable rear attacher
– Hands animation
– Warning sign (from twin wheels) on the button
– Animated Hydraulic
– Full lighting
– Dynamic Exhausting System
– Wheel Particle
– Speed Display Control
– RPM Display Control

Authors: MF390, PsychoLike, SamN, VMV Modding, JDFan, roller90, kesukas


2 Responses to John Deere 8370R v 2.0

  1. Yaroslav

    actually the same v1. ots not 8370 inside. and not real camera inside… again like you sitting on driving wheel…. and textures… omg… like 7930 inside… outside yes… 8370… but inside no…

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