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Ibos Farm v 2.0

  • 2015-02-18 09:42
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Ibos-Farm-v-2.0-1 Ibos-Farm-v-2.0-2 Ibos-Farm-v-2.0-3

This Map is a modified Map of Bjornholm

– Added purchasable farmhouse system
– Added seedmaster 2k15 and seeder machines
– Added animal feed mixing machine
– Added water mod
– Added white eggs
– Added pig and beef mod
– Added wheel lanes mod
– Air balloons and flying eagle was added
– Turkish silo and display name
– Added mosque
– Added repair station
– Shell petrol was added
– Added new Claas shop center
– Added beach with music and mcdonalds
– Added new textures
– Added area for greenhouse
– Added washing area in your farm

Author: ibrhmkyn


One Response to Ibos Farm v 2.0

  1. Da_Bears

    is there anyway to change the storage signs to english

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