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Hard Point Extension v 1.1

Hard-Point-Extension-1 Hard-Point-Extension-2

This mod gives give you the option of buying (and selling) hardpoint objects that can be attached to your mod with very simple means, everything is handled through an custom made GUI screen. The mod also includes a placeable workshop building and a service trailer.

Note: The zip name has changed with this update! If you have the old “” in your mod folder, make sure to delete it.

Tutorial Hardpoint Modding
Tutorial Hardpoint Extension Ingame

Placeable Workshop (7 000)
Trailer Workshop (10 000)

The values inside the brackets are the polygon count.

Attach / Detach objects from GUI
Buy / Sell objects
Objects support custom scripts
Washable support
Color selection support (synch color)
OnCreates for maps
Addon support for new locations / objects

Default features of FS15 aren’t listed, features listed are confirmed.

Version 1.1:
– Addon lua file
– Ability to set config values in xml
– Color selection synch
– Object save / load attributes
– Modding guide (seperate download)
– Bug fixes

Authors: Xentro, KaosKnite, Niggels939


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