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Fruit Package Designer v 3.0


Fashion Fruit Package Designer v 3.0 for Farming Simulator 2015

Because there are many on offer: multifruit maps and the game has a limit on the number of products, so that players could enjoy the game I broke Pak on a separate fashion that the player can pick up at your map without any complications and errors. The only problem with errors will be with trailers due to the lack of any products or ingredients, without any mods. but it’s not terrible and the game does nothing.

– LiquorDistillery – distillery produces cherry brandy, cognac, vodka
– Oliveline – processing plant olives produces olive oil and pickled olives
– productionofbread – mill and a bakery
– Cannery canning plant produces canned tomatoes with cucumbers, Lecho, sweet corn
– Sugarsalt – sugar and salt mills produce salt and sugar
– Vegetable and grocery stores – grocery and vegetable shops. Installed any mod kit for sale products, vegetables and fruits and major mods needed to install all of them are in the archive

In the archive there is a file readmi.txt it covers fashion, a part of fashion that produces and what it will take.
ATTENTION! on a standard map package can be put fully, taking into account that there are no more enterprises mods producing anything. For those who have fruit pack 2.5 and below. all you should sell and remove fashion. There is currently no yogurt plant, but it will be added in the next version and several other businesses.
Language mods EN, DE, RU. Special thanks to all authors of buildings, vehicles, and scripts.
There will be additions. Enjoyable game.

Author: AKA_Boroda


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  1. Agri virt

    Merci pour le partage, c’est un vrai plaisir. C’est exactement ce que j’attendais de Farming

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