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FDR Logging – Lumber Valley Logging Map

  • 2015-10-27 10:15
  • Maps


This is strictly a Logging sandbox map with lots of rolling hills and neat little logging spots, I highly recommend using the money cheat mod or career text edit to get some starting money. It has no errors, I’m releasing it due to the huge amounts of requests to release the map. The trees have been altered weight wise and physics wise to act a little more realistically, I designed this to work specifically with my FDR Logging Mod pack so I suggest you use those machines if you want the best experience, thanks!

Authors: First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil, for Original Building models and town layout goes to Rafcio2501


One Response to FDR Logging – Lumber Valley Logging Map

  1. Mike

    I’ve downloaded this map but cannot get it to work.

    Love the forestry equipment designs btw

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