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Farmers Paradies 09 Reloaded v 1.0

  • 2015-08-30 10:22
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Farmers Paradies (1) Farmers Paradies (3) Farmers Paradies (2)

– Map with Standard Fruits
– Hof with dairy cattle, sheep, chickens (eggs), pigs, cattle and chicken farming, many warehouses and other things like grain stores, feed stores, wool pallets Collector, 4 Silos (default), each with 2700 m³ volume with partial coverage
– Chopped Straw
– Manure slurry and lime Mod
– UPK Milk factory, UPK seed and fertilizer Hall
– Composting Plant with Warehouse (sale at garden centers)
– BGA incl.2 silos, each with 4000 m³ volume + 2 bunker incl.Slurry containers
– Slurry and manure storage
– more traders Raiffeisen Store (even wool), sawmill, grain storage, biomass heating plant, butcher and Edeka for eggs and other products (Yogurt, cheese, etc)
– Arable land and meadows

Author: Jimkerk


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