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Farm Lindenthal v 4.0 Upgrade

  • 2016-04-19 09:38
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Farm-Lindenthal-1 Farm-Lindenthal-2 Farm-Lindenthal-3

Version 4.0:
* Egg-laying station to the broiler
* Beetmaster on the grounds of composting
* Storage for pig feed production
* Space available for placeable objects to the oil mill and the garden center
* Damage & Repair Mod installed – Workshop at dealers and on the farm
* Streets have received new texture
* All trees reset, new area with large trees east of broiler

Sale new:
* Beet pulp: BGA or feed in cattle or pigs
* Steamed Potatoes: Country Trade and BGA
* Washed Potatoes: Gasthaus

Authors: AKA_Boroda, Andy1978, Bluebaby210, blubber73, borutcebulj, BW-Modding, Claas Evolution, dimre, Dutch, Farmer_Andy, ferbman98, flo1997, Fsmodding, Funky, Gold Fox, Harrybo, heli007, Ingo210578, jerrico, Kolbenfresser, Lars, LS-Pitstop, Luculus, Marhu, maser789, max98, möchtegernbauer, mor2000, msheini30, Nick98.1, Pandahma, patzer89, Polygon-A, PowerPeter008, RaptorX, Razco, RC-Devil, Rene248, Roland70, Shakari, SLJ-AGRAR, t0xic0m, taker9999, TheCrafterLP, Zatoxx, Ziberg


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