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Chellington Extended v 1.0

  • 2015-10-12 09:26
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Chellington-1 Chellington-2 Chellington-3

This Map now features 56 fields which are small/medium in size. There are very tight lanes now so you will have to plan your route and equipment wisely

Extended Features:
– Pig and beef mod and cattle market
– Water mod
– Milk mod
– Soilmod ready
– New farm (Meadow Valley Farm)
– Improvements to Chellington Farm
– Forest and Lumberyard etc
– Two grain sell points
– More animated objects and sounds ( trains, planes, animals etc )
– Bigger map with plenty more to do and see
– New grass and barley textures with windrow changes

Authors: Petorious, Oxygendavid


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  1. The Killer

    How to open the doors???

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