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Alpenflair v 1.5

  • 2015-10-27 20:13
  • Maps

Alpenflair-1 Alpenflair-2 Alpenflair-3

– Soil Mod installed
– Water Mod installed
– Animation Map Door Trigger installed
– Start adapted vehicles
– Mountainous surroundings
– 3 outlets (Warehouse, inn and BGA)
– All the trees are precipitated
– Fields, meadows and forest also exists
– Biogas plant installed
– Animals: cows, sheep and chickens
– Missions and gold coins installed
– Interim storage available for manure on the farm

Version 1.5:
– Sheep are now available (Inspector Mod error no longer occurs)
– White spots on deciduous trees remedied (conifers see again better)
– Overview Map is a closer
– Error in animal overview Fixed / Water Mod renewed
– Fixed sunken Boat
– Fixed pile of rubble in the cowshed
– Fixed floating trees
– Added Bridge of forest to the Sawmill
– Shelters at BGA and Sawmill have now Collision

Author: Fendtfan1


One Response to Alpenflair v 1.5

  1. Bigmack73

    The animation door trigger does not work. So when the tractors and equipment, could not get them out. Had to reset everything.

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