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Lamborghini R4 110 Italia v 2.0


Versija 2.0:
– Pakeisti priekiniai ir galiniai ratai
– HD tekstūra
– Nauja purvo tekstūra
– Pridėta veidrodžių

Autoriai: Giants, Ultra_Tonio_Modding, Gianni_Teck


5 Responses to Lamborghini R4 110 Italia v 2.0

  1. Daft_Bugger

    Nice tractor! Runs well.

  2. Bagondo

    Hi all. I have downloaded the mod, but i’m not able to find it in the shop, like all other mods. It appears in the mod panel in the options page, but I cannot find it in the shop. Anyone could help me? Thx all

  3. Gustavo

    Wonderful!!! Works very well!
    Can you convert the FS2013 Lamborghini R6.125, please?

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