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Kane priekabų paketas


Pakete rasite 3 Kane priekabas:
– Kane 14T klasikinė siloso priekaba
– Kane 14T grūdų priekaba
– Kane 14T priekaba

Autoriai: NI Modding, alwyn, henly20, knut, rh
Konvertavo iš LS 2013: vydka


5 Responses to Kane priekabų paketas

  1. Daft_Bugger

    This conversion is a complete waste of your download time. You have to rename the folder to even see them in the shop. They load and unload and have grainplanes but no discharge particles or special features. Best wait until NI Modding Team have done a proper conversion job.

  2. Alec155

    its a rar file how can you get it to work?

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