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Ford Pickup v 1.2


Ford Pickup automobilis su naujais ratais ir kitais patobulinimais

Autoriai: Giants, Andy1978


7 Responses to Ford Pickup v 1.2

  1. Paťo 201

    Deleting comments .. Great solution ..

  2. Vakonof

    Where can you get the car?

  3. Julien

    By the way, this pick up is a Dodge RAM not a Ford lol

  4. Gene

    Its a Dodge RAM not Ford like said already. Still downloading though thanks!

  5. gene

    where do i find the truck? its nowhere to be found

  6. TheScreamingMelon

    Here’s a video showing all the truck features and a quick review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJtHYafJ4xA&list=UUt0_xpp_1KH5u5Q1mx9-MPw

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