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Baldeykino v 1.0


Žemėlapyje rasite standartines kultūras + saulėgrąžas

Autorius: ben686


6 Responses to Baldeykino v 1.0

  1. Mitko

    The map is terrible no start vehicle no money to buy it no reset option.Very havy for my machine very slow loading ………

  2. Bruno

    Map looks really cool but how are we suppose to start without money or vehicles ?


  3. Digger

    Карта отличная! Одно НО: где заправить сеялку?
    Amazing map! But where i can refill my seed?

  4. michal

    Cus chtel jsem se zeptet kde a jak nalozim ryby diky moc mapa super

  5. Preston

    How do u download a .rar file on the game!?

  6. lukas

    kaip nukulti saulėgražas ??????

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