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Kroeger Agroliner HKL paketas v 2.0

Kroeger-Agroliner-HKL-Pack-v-2.0-1 Kroeger-Agroliner-HKL-Pack-v-2.0-2

Paketą sudaro:
– Kroeger Agroliner ITS 26: kaina € 45 500
– Savivartis konteineris: kaina € 8950
– Medienos priekaba: kaina € 5950
– Denio konstrukcija: kaina 5250 €

Autoriai: Eifok Team, Werkstattleiter, Saschii, Giants


5 Responses to Kroeger Agroliner HKL paketas v 2.0

  1. Yeah, right...

    Another mod I’ve been waiting for… Awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.

    All I need now is the Great Dane Dryvan trailer for transporting wool pallets and my game will be close to perfect 🙂

  2. El_Cicikos

    When I want buy it crash game:(

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