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John Deere 8370R


– Atsidarančios durys ir galinis langas
– Nauja tekstūra
– Rankų animacija
– Įspėjamieji ženklai
– Pilnas apšvietimas
– Ratų dulkės

Autoriai: MF390, PsychoLike, SamN, VMV Modding, Jdfan, roller90


4 Responses to John Deere 8370R

  1. Samson

    The file is not there. I get „No file“ when i press download :/ It looks amazing, would love too have it 😀

  2. Yaroslav

    great!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but 1 thing! please move inside camera back. to his place… his chair… now he is sitting on driving wheel… please!

  3. FS Network

    Behaving realy nice and allso not bad looking – But we would love to see more details!

  4. Ghost_Chips

    Nice Mod just a pitty the in side of the cab is wrong looks like the inside of a 7930

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